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Welcome To Gessnerville, Population 19

Original Songs By Bill Gessner

  1. Cosy's Waltz (2:27)
  2. Rhode Island (4:29)
  3. Infinite Possibility (2:26)
  4. Anyone But Me (2:48)
  5. Heaven And Earth (4:02)
  6. Just Like Life (3:13)
  7. All She Ever Wanted (2:54)
  8. Magazine (3:54)
  9. Tug Of War (2:10)
  10. I'm A Furnace (5:06)
  11. Hear The Song (3:40)
  12. You're The One (3:19)
  13. As Long As I Have You (2:33)
  14. From This Music (4:53)
  15. Stuntman (2:28)
  16. Sunshine Via Moonbeam (3:36)
  17. I Will Come For You (3:32)
  18. Love Is Large (3:32)
  19. Cosy's Waltz (Reprise) (2:27)

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Featuring: Bill Gessner: lead vocals, guitar, electric sitar; Peter Ostroushko, fiddle, guitar, mandolin; Chris Rosser, guitars, electric sitar, keyboards, bass, brushes, talking drum, finger cymbals, harmony vocals; Joel Sayles, bass; Diane Tremaine, 'cello; Dan Newton, accordion; Marc Anderson, percussion; Richard Dworsky, piano, Hammond B3 organ; Kevin Barnes, dobro; Mike Alexander, bass; Noah Shapiro, guitars, harmony vocal; Charlie Maguire, harmonica, trump, and Hmong ncas; Tom Proutt, guitar; Prudence Johnson, harmony vocals; Bob Douglas, harmony vocals; Lynn Rosser, harmony vocals

Produced by Peter Ostroushko * Additional production and production of basic tracks for songs #2, 8, 12, and 17 by Chris Rosser * Recorded at The Brewhouse, Minneapolis, MN, April 16-19, 2001 and engineered by Rob Genadek except for the basic tracks for songs #2, 8, 12, and 17 which were recorded at Hollow Reed Arts, Asheville, NC, March 21-23, 2001 and engineered by Chris Rosser * Mixed by Rob Genadek and Peter Ostroushko * Mastered by Rob Genadek * Chief advisors and production ideas: T. Rock Phillips and Charlie Maguire * Photography by Ann Marsden * Design by Linda Beauvais * Duplication by Oasis

All songs by Bill Gessner except #17, I Will Come for You, by Noah Shapiro and Bill Gessner.